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Christmas Ballroom Dance Lessons and Songs

Christmas Ballroom Dance Lessons and Songs

December 19, 2016
by john
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Christmas is a great time to dance with friends, family and loved ones. Ballroom dance lessons make a great Christmas gift idea. They can also create those special memories that are not soon forgotten.

Ballroom dancing is more than the waltz that comes to mind when most people hear the term. Instead, it is a pattern, sequence and steps designed to have both partner and lead enjoying the rhythm of the music and have a great time. When you are dancing, the cares of the holidays float away and you are left to be truly in the moment.

At our studio you can enjoy many types and styles of lessons. Each instruction gives direct demonstration, feedback and room for practice. Our talented and award-winning instructors give you the attention needed while keeping the lessons light, fun and enjoyable. Don’t be intimidated, anyone can learn to dance. You may not be ready for a national competition after your first lesson. However, you’ll fell more confident in your ability and able to smile while you cut a rug.

Christmas Songs for Ballroom Dancing

You can find a great list of Christmas Ballroom Dancing Songs on this blog. Its a great resource for you to have when looking for songs to practice all your new moves.

A Gift to Remember

As Christmas is coming, don’t forget the great gift dance lessons make. Whether its a gift for your husband, gift for wife, gift for mom, gift for dad or gift for friend, a package of dance lessons is sure to be a great gift with no need for returns!

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