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Let’s Get to Know Each Other


Dancing is enjoyed in every country around the world. As dancers, we are proud of our profession, and our passion is how we make it to the World Championships.

Our History

Dance with grace is a full service dance experience We teach people to dance fun weddings cruises competitions social events date night  and much more.We have have been in Louisville since 1978.We teach 5 kinds of swing salsa che cha American smooth waltz foxtrot tango quickstep Vtz waltz We are one of the few schools that teach both American and international styles all form  of American rtythm and international latin.  We have for many years dance in some of the greatest comps in the united states and Canada.I have been certified by Fred Astaire at many different levels I have dance NDCA for many years National DANCE  Council of America and the World Dance Council . Dancing is and will always been a great  passion for me It is so wonderful  to share this knowledge with new clients Give us a call 499 4040 Also I have worked with some of the greatest dancing minds in the world and will continue to do so.

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